Nutcookies recipe
·         300 gr Butter
·         3 Eggs
·         400 gr Flour
·         200 gr.Sugar
·         300 gr Cornmeal
·         Plastic Bags
·         Nuts
·         Vegetal color
·         Sugarglass
Mix the fluor with the cornmeal. Separately, mix the butter and add little by little small amounts of sugar, when this is mixed add the 3 eggs one by one, letting them mix perfectly. When the eggs are mixed add the flour mixed with the cornmeal to the mix we previously made with the butter, sugar and eggs. Let the mix until it makes a mass.
Divide the mass in the number of colors you want to make the cookies. Add the desired vegetal color to the mass. When the mass is coloured, separate them into small balls of the size you want. Then add inside each cookie, a nut cut in half or a full nut, that’s your choice.
Bake the balls up to 180° C for about 12 or 15 min.
When the cookies are baked, cover each cookie with a good amount of sugarglass.
Enjoy your cookies!

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