1st selling experience
1rst selling experience
When we initially  heard about the project of selling here in the tec. We all  thought that it would be something really easy but we were wrong because first we couldn’t think of something to sell, we were between chips, desserts, bracelets, croissants, and a lot other ideas. Finally we decided to sell desserts and another problem comes out, what kind of dessert should we sell? Well that was something easy because we all know how to cook different kinds of desserts cookies, pies, cakes, brownies, etc.
We decided to make cookies and pies, we cooked lemon pie and cinnamon cookies, orange cookies, and a heavenly cheese cake that made all the people smile and ask for more (yeah, I think you know what I’m talking about ).
Before selling our products we did a survey were we asked the people how much they would pay for a slice of lemon pie, or how much would they  pay for a slice of cheese cake, and how much would  they pay for the cookies, how many cookies would they like in their bags; it ends at 10 cookies per bag; and stuffs like that.
So we started selling our product, to make sure we didn’t loose money we first made a few pies and cakes and just a few cookies to prepare the people for a great experience. We ended running out of desserts just 1 hour after starting selling, that makes us very happy, and we did some good buyers that want more and more of our products (they still ask me for cheese cake, that makes me happy) so we ended up  winning like 365 pesos at the end of the day.

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