Many things we have seen in the Entrepeneurship class, like target marketing, sales, product prices, marketing strategies, many things that we thought they were easy to learn and apply into our business or daily life until we had to sell our products.
In our case we sold desserts; we thought it was very easy because everyone enjoys a little dessert every once in a while, until we had to experience what was like selling some products and how we should gain costumers.
First of all you have to administrate, your money, investments, and profit is something that is talked about in the class everyday. Now we see why it is very important to have a balance on it.
By applying the target marcket and sales strategies we saw in class it is much easier to get the customers to prefer your product and even have a profit of 50% or even more if the strategy is applied correctly.
Also because we sold the product twice we could analyze how the first selling was and try to correct the errors and explain them to the teacher, this way when we sold the product the second time we got more knowledge and more experience.

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